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Main Aurr Mrs Khanna Movie 1080p Download Utorrent

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna Movie 1080p Utorrent

If you are looking for a romantic movie to watch with your partner, you might want to check out Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, a 2009 Indian film starring Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Sohail Khan. The movie revolves around the theme of extramarital affair and how a couple deals with the challenges of their relationship.

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Main Aurr Mrs Khanna was directed by debutant Prem Soni and produced by Sohail Khan and Ronnie Screwvala. The movie also features Nauheed Cyrusi, Yash Tonk and Bappi Lahiri in supporting roles, while Preity Zinta and Deepika Padukone make brief special appearances. The movie was released during Diwali festival on 16 October 2009.

The plot of the movie is as follows: Samir (Salman Khan) and Raina (Kareena Kapoor) are a young Indian couple who meet and fall in love at first sight and decide to get married despite the objections from Samir's parents as Raina is an orphan. They move to Melbourne, where Samir works as a stockbroker. Raina decides to work in a restaurant to pass her time. Their relationship develops problems when Samir's business takes a severe hit. In order to get his career back online, he decides to move to Singapore and start his work from scratch. He surprises her at the airport saying that they are not flying together. She is to go to Delhi and wait for him while he goes to gain success in Singapore, and that the relationship will be a failure without financial support.

Just after Samir catches the plane and leaves for Singapore, Raina has a chance meeting with Aakash (Sohail Khan) at the airport itself. They strike a rapport immediately, and once he knows of Raina's problems, Aakash lends a helping hand using his friend's (Mahek Chahal) help. He gets her a much better job at the airport. Now, Raina suddenly finds herself in the midst of a new and trendy airport job and in addition a good mansion to live in. Aakash falls deeply in love with Raina because they work together in close proximity, and Raina also seems to be attracted to him, or at least to depend on him for every small and big matter on a day-to-day basis.

At this juncture, Raina is faced with the problem that her residency visa is going to expire and she will have to leave Australia. As usual, she takes her problem to Aakash. He and his friends suggest to her the idea of faking a marriage with Aakash so that she can stay on. Initially, Raina is reluctant, but soon she agrees after she realises that Aakash is a genuinely good-hearted man. At this juncture, Samir reappears after having achieved success in Singapore.

What will happen next? Will Raina choose Samir or Aakash? Will Samir find out about Raina's fake marriage? Will Aakash confess his love to Raina? To find out the answers, you will have to watch the movie.

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Enjoy watching Main Aurr Mrs Khanna movie in 1080p resolution with your loved ones. Don't forget to share your feedback and reviews about the movie in the comments section below.


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