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Dear students,

New beginnings are always exciting for us. Moving houses, moving schools , living in a different country and so on. These changes never fail to make us curious and excited. On the other hand some questions like “Will I adapt to these changes?” , “Will I succeed in my classes?” and “Will I be able to make friends” appear in our minds.  First of all, know that these feelings and thoughts are normal. 

In order to pass the adaptation stage easier;

  • Know the distance between your house and school and the transportation you are going to be using. 

  • Learn when your classes start and end.

  • Know where everything is in your new school. For example where the library is or where the bathrooms are. 

  • Have a talk with your guide/counsellor possibly on the first day. Or if possible, before the school opens. They will help you with the best they can. 

  • Remember that people have different personalities and when some people are easy to warm up to, some people may need time to know you and trust you. Just as school is new to you, you are new to the students at school.

  • When you first start school, you may not find friends but you can meet new people and tell them about yourself. This process needs time so give yourself and your classmates a time to warm up first. 

  • And lastly, believe in yourself and remember that this process will make you stronger and open new opportunities for you.  

-Sibel Danisoglu (A guide/counsellor) 

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