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Eda Karahasanoglu

You are never alone and you will never be. Its scary at first. New country, new life style. You will get used to it eventually. Everyone has friends and you don't know what to do. Been there. Also as an introvert myself, I wasn't confident enough to go talk to people. It was frightening. If I had someone to talk to about my new experiences  and changing life styles the process would be easier. So if your feelings are similar, feel free to post and share anything here. Talk about your moving process. Talk about what changed in your life style. And don't ever forget that you are not alone in this.

I was an introvert and as scary as it sounds, I had no friends for solid 6 months. I was afraid to ask for help so it was a real struggle. Later on, I started to engage in conversations which helped me get to know people and find my friend group. I realised that it wasn't that scary after all. I started to talk more and actually started having fun. Getting out of my comfort zone helped me a lot during this process. 

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