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Buy Ble Beacons ((HOT))

These ultra-low RF transmission power beacons have 100 times lower RF transmission power than typical Bluetooth low energy beacons. With replaceable AA batteries these beacons are optimized as location beacons in asset tracking solutions anywhere locate accuracy in dense deployments is important.

buy ble beacons

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These small, BLE 5.1 beacons have been designed specifically for healthcare and other industrial applications where long life, waterproofness, and the ability to survive routine disinfection cleaning are critical. NFC enables simple on/off control and configuration. Low RF transmit power level enables safe operation with sensitive medical devices.

These small, coin cell beacons are ideal for asset tracking in all forms and have been optimized for long battery life within industrial environments. They have ultra-low RF transmit powers for increased locate accuracy and improved performance in high density deployments. The MB1000 is constructed of materials that withstand common industrial cleaning agents.

All these beacons have replaceable batteries unless otherwise indicated in the respective description and are compatible with iOS and Android. None of these beacons require you to sign up to proprietary web services to configure them. Read more about the advantages of generic beacons.

Rechargeable wristband beacon supporting both iBeacon and Eddystone. Each charge lasts 1 month @ 1 sec advertising.Black only.AnkhMaway beacons are commonly rebranded and have been used, for example, ..

USB iBeacon with external antenna. Supports iBeacon and Eddystone.One of the problems with USB beacons is that the form factor and proximity of the device powering the beacon compromise the antenna de..

One of our most capable beacons. Longer range sensor beacon with larger battery. Rubber style casing that makes the beacon water resistant. Supports iBeacon and Eddystone (URL and UID) but not simulta..

Waterproof (IP67), beacon that transmits up to 10 channels simultaneously that can be Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL, iBeacon or AltBeacon. Button turns on and off. Most coin cell beacons use either a C..

Waterproof social distancing beacon that flashes red and makes a sound when two beacons of this type come close to each other. Stores up to 34,304 contact records with 4 digit beacon id and time.The c..

USB beacon that can be used in many different modes: The two advertising channels can be iBeacon, Eddystone UID, Eddystone URL or user defined.One of the problems with USB beacons is that the form fac..

Twin AA battery Apple MFi certified beacon with a long range. The case includes two holes along the side so that it can be screwed onto a wall.AnkhMaway beacons are commonly rebranded and have been us..

Specialist, USB powered beacon with a very long 1000m to 4000m range. One of these devices can be used instead of very many less powerful beacons thus saving costs and easing maintenance. Transmits up..

Small wristband beacon advertising iBeacon. One of our smallest beacons. PCB measures 23.9mm x 23.1mm.Black only.Supplied with details how to access the technical information.Does not include battery ..

USB beacon with external antenna Beacon that can be set up to advertise iBeacon, Eddystone-UID and Eddystone-URL.One of the problems with USB beacons is that the form factor and proximity of the devic..

USB beacon supporting one of iBeacon, Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL at any one time. One of the few USB beacons that support Eddystone.Note that this beacon has special firmware that allows iBeacon/Edd..

Configure one iBeacon to your specification (UUID, Major, Minor, advertising interval and power level).This is to configure one beacon. Add multiple to the shopping cart for multiple beacons.This serv..

In addition, HID Global Location Services is an efficient real-time asset location (RTLS) platform leveraging BEEKs beacons to effectively pin down the locations of assets inside a warehouse, campus or manufacturing hall.

Bluzone allows for scalable worldwide beacon deployment, fleet, workflow and event management. The combination of sensor beacons, BluFis and Bluzone platform, make it possible to manage and monitor large networks BEEKs enabled (beacons) assets. Bluzone is accessible via REST APIs to integrate into third party management solutions or simply provide a customized user front-end.

On Android devices there is no operating-system management of beacons and the apps must scan for Bluetooth Low Energy devices themselves. This means the apps must be running (can be in the background) all the time and hence use up more battery (not very much).

All beacons transmit data in the same format and so are very interchangeable, though certain parts of the transmission are specific to certain manufacturers and hence the app should be configured for a particular beacon. In order for the app to respond as intended it needs to know exactly what beacon it is listening for and each manufacturer will have a set of tools available to help with this process. When conducting a Pointr installation, we always strive to use the same or complementary beacon types, and factor any existing hardware that the customer may already have in place too, such as particular access points. As the majority of beacons are similar and beam similar data, we prioritize things such as easy of installation and battery life (as this means fewer hardware refreshes are required over time).

Bluetooth beacons can send rudimentary data back to an app, which in turn, when corresponding with more than one beacon, can triangulate a user's position. Without an app interface, beacons are unable to make this calculation for themselves.

However, for a variety of reasons, even using multiple beacons isn't always effective for calculating a user's whereabouts in an indoor location. For example, while a group of BLE beacons may be able to pinpoint a user at one point, they would not be able to work out the direction that user was facing, and would struggle to keep up with a moving device. This is where Pointr's Deep Location Platform comes in, with numerous unique technological calculations leveraged in order to bridge this gap and offer super accurate indoor positioning and indoor navigation.

There are currently a number of beacon manufacturers out there, all offering a slightly different range of features, flexibility, reliability and battery life. Estimote and Kontakt are some of the more popular beacon manufacturers and they offer a good SDK (software package) which allows you to configure and play around with the beacon, whilst also offering pretty decent battery life. You can get super small beacons, super long life beacons or waterproof/sturdy beacons from a quick search, you can even turn any Bluetooth Low Energy compatible phone into a beacon itself! Increasingly, the technology found in beacons is being replicated in other pieces of hardware, such as Wi-Fi access points or smart lighting - you might already have some beacon technology and not even realise it!

There's no limit to what can be done with BLE beacons, and their inexpensive cost means that everyone from small retail stores through to huge locations like hospitals and airports can benefit enormously from investing in beacon technology.At Pointr, we've worked with a large range of businesses and venues to make the most of beacon technology. We've helped retailers leverage indoor mapping and positional analytics to better understand where their customers are going and not going in their store. We've aided airlines and airports in improving their apps with indoor navigation to get their visitors to the correct gates quickly. We've empowered workplaces to keep their employees safe via indoor position contact tracking and improve efficiency by letting them know where they can meet easily and immediately.

Contrary to common understanding, beacons themselves transmit no meaningful data. Instead, they transmit short identifiers and it is the app that should make use of this information and do something useful. For example, an app can detect a short number broadcast by a beacon, then connect to internet to convert this number into a message, and trigger a push message on the phone. (Beacons can in theory send push messages without the internet but only of a few characters long). In short, beacons are dummy devices that advertise short identifiers, and it is the app that is responsible for doing something smart.

Successfully deployed in top retail environments, venues, events, museums, conferences and out-of-home assets around the globe, our secure beacons are trusted to empower engaging and consistent mobile app experiences.

Dual omni-antenna and directional-antenna designs allow Gimbal beacons to deliver superior signal clarity. Stronger signals also enable more use cases, predictable and repeatable user experiences, greater accuracy for your engagements, and better data from your campaigns.

With flexibility in mind, our latest beacons are designed to NEMA 3 specifications and have been proven for exceptional performance both indoors or outdoors. This means the elements are no longer a barrier to engaging your customers with the most relevant and timely information.

Bluetooth 'beacons' are a simple way for marketers to communicate with customers in physical locations, but the platforms and infrastructure behind the tiny wireless sensors can be quite complex. Here's a quick guide to the basics of beacons.

Retailers are among the earliest BLE beacon adopters. A beacon-equipped department store could, for example, send special offers on baggage to customers as they enter, proceed through, or linger in the luggage department. Drug store chain Rite Aid recently announced a rollout of proximity beacons in each of its 4,500 U.S. stores, reportedly making it the largest retail deployment to date, according to ZDNet.

Multiple beacons can be positioned around an area, such as inside a store or airport, to broadcast relevant information to portable devices within their proximity. Mobile device owners can then react to, engage with, or use the information for indoor, turn-by-turn navigation and store discounts, among other things. 041b061a72


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