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English Movie Transformers: The Last Knight (English)

Before Transformers was released, producer DeSanto had "a very cool idea" to introduce the Dinobots,[45] while Bay was interested in an aircraft carrier, which was dropped from the 2007 film.[46] Orci claimed they did not incorporate these characters into Revenge of the Fallen because they could not think of a way to justify the Dinobots' choice of form,[37] and were unable to fit in the aircraft carrier.[47] Orci also admitted he was also dismissive of the Dinobots because he does not like dinosaurs. "I recognize I am weird in that department", he said,[48] but he became fonder of them during filming because of their popularity with fans.[49] He added "I couldn't see why a Transformer would feel the need to disguise himself in front of a bunch of lizards. Movie-wise, I mean. Once the general audience is fully on board with the whole thing, maybe Dinobots in the future."[50] However, Michael Bay said he hated the Dinobots and they had never been in consideration for being featured in the movies.[51] It is the last film in the series to be distributed by DreamWorks.

english movie Transformers: The Last Knight (English)

The third film, Dark of the Moon, received mixed reviews and was considered an improvement over the second film. Critics praised the visual effects, sound design, action sequences, musical score, performances (particularly LaBeouf and Huntington-Whiteley), vocal performances (particularly Peter Cullen, Hugo Weaving, and Leonard Nimoy), and the use of 3D, while criticizing the screenplay and runtime.[184][185] Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gave the film a mixed review, saying, "It is as if Bay, perhaps influenced by some stinging critiques, has made an aesthetic policy decision. Because this film is not quite as stupid as the others...But let's face it, these touches are atypical. After half an hour it turns into the same headbanging, eardrum-brutalising action-fest as the other two films." Bradshaw also notes the impressive effects in the Battle of Chicago at the climax and how the September 11 attacks inspired it.[186] A. O. Scott of The New York Times called Dark of the Moon among Michael Bay's best films but said, "I can't decide if this movie is so spectacularly, breathtakingly dumb as to induce stupidity in anyone who watches, or so brutally brilliant that it disarms all reason. What's the difference?" Scott also criticized the film for continuing the series' pattern of "tongue-in-cheek revisionist history" by using the Space Race as the catalyst for the film's events.[187] Dan Kois of The Village Voice also criticized Michael Bay's continuation of "exploiting America's iconic tragedies for maximum impact."[188] Chris Hewitt of Empire Online gave the film 2 out of 5 stars, saying that Dark of the Moon is better than Revenge of the Fallen but not by much. Hewitt praised the last 45 minutes and the best use of 3D since Avatar.[189] Roger Ebert rated the film 1 out of 4 stars,[190] and Peter Travers of Rolling Stones called it "a movie bereft of wit, wonder, imagination, and any genuine reason for being."[191] Christopher Orr of The Atlantic said Dark of the Moon is an improvement over the previous film in almost every way apart from its length, praising the special effects, 3D usage, and intense action.[192]

Meanwhile, an Oxford professor named Viviane Wembly is kidnapped by the Autobot Hot Rod. Both are brought to England and meet with Sir Edmund Burton, the last living member of the Witwiccan Order. Burton tells Cade and Viviane of the Transformers' origins, saying that the collision of Cybertron with Earth would spell certain doom. He tasks Viviane, the last descendant of Merlin, with obtaining his staff so they can prevent the impending apocalypse. Burton tells Yeager that, as a person defined by honor and dignity, he is the last knight. The talisman given to Yeager has wrapped around his arm by this point. The trio are forced to evacuate Burton's home when the MI6 and TRF arrives.

Studio Series has always allowed fans to reach past the big screen and build the ultimate Transformers collection inspired by iconic movie scenes from the Transformers movie universe. Now, the Studio Series line is expanding to include the epic moments and characters from the classic 1986 The Transformers: The Movie, bringing fans a whole new series of screen-inspired figures to collect! (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)This Studio Series 92 Deluxe Class Transformers: The Last Knight -inspired Crosshairs figure converts from robot to a licensed Corvette Stingray mode in 26 steps. Remove backdrop to showcase Crosshairs in the Bowling Alley Quest scene. In the Bowling Alley Quest scene from Transformers: The Last Knight, Crosshairs learns a lesson in manners when Cogman warns him not to kill the messenger. Pose the figure out with the 2 included blaster accessories and imagine re-creating this classic movie moment!

When Yeager and Bumblebee went to England to meet with Sir Edmund Burton, Megatron and his remaining forces followed, knowing Yeager would lead them to the Staff. Yeager was subsequently joined by Viviane Wembly, and successfully located Quintessa's staff in the knight's ship at the bottom of the ocean. Quintessa had, in the intervening time, also placed Optimus Prime under her control and sent him to obtain the staff, but when Bumblebee helped Prime break her control, Megatron seized his opportunity, streaking in, blindsiding the disoriented Prime, and snatching the staff away. He proclaimed to his nemesis that he had turned his back on Cybertron for the last time, and would watch Earth die. As Cybertron arrived in Earth orbit, the Decepticons headed for Stonehenge, where Megatron activated the portal through which Unicron's energy would be drained. When Burton and the British military attempted to stop them, Megatron fatally wounded Burton with a single blast. 350c69d7ab


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