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Walang Sugat Severino Reyes Pdf Download

Walang Sugat Severino Reyes Pdf Download

Walang Sugat is a classic Filipino zarzuela written by Severino Reyes in 1898. It is a story of love, patriotism, and sacrifice set during the Philippine Revolution of 1896. The play features memorable songs, witty dialogues, and dramatic scenes that reflect the Filipino spirit and culture. If you want to read or watch this masterpiece, you can download the PDF file of the libretto or the video of the performance from the links below.

  • : This is the original text of the play written by Severino Reyes in Tagalog. It contains the lyrics of the songs, the stage directions, and the annotations by the author. You can download it for free from this link.

  • : This is a recording of the 1971 revival production of Walang Sugat staged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The music was reconstructed by Dr. Herminio Velarde Jr. and his team based on interviews with people who saw the original productions. The cast includes Carla Solliven as Julia, Bimbo Cerrudo as Tenyong, Irma Potenciano as Joana, and Pablo Molina as Miguel. You can watch it on YouTube from this link.

If you want to learn more about Walang Sugat and its historical and cultural significance, you can also check out these articles:

Download File:

  • : This is a short summary of the plot and the message of Walang Sugat by Severino Reyes. It explains how the play depicts the oppression of Filipinos under Spanish colonial rule and the power of love to overcome obstacles.

  • : This is a slide presentation that gives a more detailed overview of Walang Sugat by Severino Reyes. It includes the characters, the setting, the synopsis, and the analysis of each act.

  • : This is a study guide that provides a comprehensive discussion of Walang Sugat by Severino Reyes. It covers the background, the genre, the themes, the symbols, the literary devices, and the critical perspectives of the play.

We hope you enjoy reading or watching Walang Sugat by Severino Reyes. It is a timeless work of art that showcases the Filipino talent and identity.


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