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Wordpress Plugin For Facebook Comments \/\/TOP\\\\

One of the best ways to engage your readers is to offer a comments section that is robust. Although WordPress comes with a decent system out of the box, there are some fantastic comment plugins that go far above and beyond.

wordpress plugin for facebook comments

This plugin adds a sidebar widget that makes it easy to display your most recent comments on your website. This includes the text they display, the user who posted it, and what post they were commenting on.

The Facebook comments plugin lets your website viewers comment using their Facebook account. This Facebook comments feature is more attractive and engaging than the traditional WordPress comments. This article will guide you to install Facebook comments for any WordPress website without using any plugin.

I have not always been as positive about the Facebook Comments plugin. The Comments plugin can be added to any web page or blog and provide a method for logged in Facebook users to add comments to a page much like any blog commenting system.

On the other hand, and this is why we put up with Facebook in the first place, there are some benefits to be found in using the Facebook Comments plugin. Most of the comments made are immediately posted to the Facebook timeline of the person making the comment creating a potentially viral and engaging thread for millions to see.

In my experience, these side projects are a great place to take advantage of the benefits of the Facebook Comments plugin as the value of spreading the comments throughout the network probably outweigh the long term benefit of owning the comments. In fact, some of these side projects, say for an event, may be temporary in nature.

The settings can be customized in great detail to adjust typography, content, colors and much more. The plugin is great for displaying text feed, but to display photos, videos and the number of likes, shares and comments for each post, you will have to upgrade to the premium version.

When it comes to comments on WordPress, the built in WordPress commenting system , Disqus comments and Facebook comments are few of most popular. Third party comments like Facebook comments can be added using plugins, but some of us might also prefer adding Facebook comments without plugins but by code directly on our self hosted WordPress sites.

Disqus on the other hand is also a great commenting platform, but recently they have moved to an ad based plugin. The free version of disqus plugins runs ads on your sites beneath comments, although you will also get paid for these ads. But some of us might not prefer running ads (in some cases unrelated) to our content.

You can always use the official Facebook plugin for WordPress to integrate Facebook comments into your WordPress blog. But be aware that this plugin has not been actively maintained or updated for over 2 years now. In-fact Facebook has declared that it no longer actively supports this plugin by adding the plugin to its deprecated plugins page. Instead, consider this Facebook comments plugin by Alex Moss. Or, if you want to add comments without a plugin, continue reading this article.

Wow God Bless You!!!, all worked fine for me, but i have a little "problem" with the moderation tools, before, i had installed a worpress plugin for Facebook comments, called "Facebook comments" and the moderations tools, was how you showed in guide with the app ID: -content/uploads/comment-moderation.png, but now it show with the permanent links, , I will really like if was with the app ID and not with the permanent links, if you can help me, I would really, really apreciate it, thanks a lot, excelent post.

Hello,After days of trying options, your advice has gotten me very close to success, but I still do not see the moderation tool. So frustrating! My comments are all displaying on the post, but I see no Moderation link, and there are no comments to moderate in facebook developers.

Thanks a bijillion! I messed around with facebook comments for days. Finally found your site and realized that leaving the "data-href field blank" works and finally is the solution I needed! Thank you!

Please note: This free Facebook plugin allows you to display text and links from Facebook posts. To display photos, videos, comments, and more, we offer a Pro version of the plugin. See the Pro Version section below for more information.

In order to maintain the free version of the Custom Facebook Feed plugin on an ongoing basis, and to provide quick and effective support for free, we offer a Pro version of the plugin. Custom Facebook Feed Pro allows you to display photos, videos, the number of likes, shares, reactions and comments for each Facebook post, choose from multiple layout options, filter Facebook posts by type or #hashtag/string, load more Facebook posts into your feed, and more. Click here for a full list of all differences between the Custom Facebook Feed free and Pro versions.

The Jetpack comments module is part of the Jetpack plugin by Automattic. It can enhance the usability of the native WordPress comment form. The most significant benefit is that it allows users to use their or social media accounts to comment. It also allows users to subscribe to a comments feed and to any new posts you publish on your site. Unfortunately, it also comes with downsides. In this post, I talk about the pros and cons of using the Jetpack discussion module, and how to enable it on your WordPress blog posts. I finish off with some final thoughts.

This simple and nice tool is very helpful to get your business a green light on social media. Also, if you want to deactivate facebook comments on any specific page/post template then you can also disable them by using this plugin.

Multi Comments is as easy as pie WordPress plugin for your website. This plugin acts as a one-man army as it has the capability to display the comments of Google+, Facebook, WordPress, and Disqus altogether on your template.

This comments WordPress plugin is the upgraded version of WP Advanced Comment. It provides all the functionalities of the free version. Additionally, it is providing drag and drop custom fields builder for your WordPress website.

Hi,thanks for this plugin, but I have problem with comment colors. Please where I can change the color of all facebook comment ? Coments are too dark and not readable.Thank you !

All in one solution to fight blog comment spammers and improve comment quality. Tired of deleting useless spammy comments from your WordPress blog posts? Comment Link Remove WordPress plugin removes author link and any other links from the user comments among other features.

Comments tools plugin works with default WordPress comment feature with standard theme conventions. If you are using 3rd party tools for your blog comments or if your theme is not coded properly, it will not work.

NEW feature: Avatars from captured Facebook comments with a plugin like Facebook Comments Importer are cached in version 1.4.0 and above. The cache have to be emptied once after update.


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