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Sun Tv Serial Azhagi Actress Names

Sun TV Serial Azhagi Actress Names

Azhagi was a popular Tamil-language television soap opera that aired on Sun TV from 10 October 2011 to 4 March 2016 for 1101 episodes. The show starred Viji Chandrasekhar, Kamal Deep, Soniya and Ilavarasan. It was produced by Vikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd and directed by V.C Ravi, A. Jawahar, E. Vikramadhithan and M.Iniyan Dinesh. The series was a family drama that revolved around the life of Sundari, a 40-year-old widow who struggles to raise her children alone. The series also featured many supporting characters who played important roles in the story. Here are some of the actress names who acted in Azhagi.

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  • Viji Chandrasekhar as Sundari Kathirvelan: She was the main protagonist of the series and the mother of Natraj, Mathi and Surya. She was a strong and resilient woman who faced many hardships in her life. She was married to Kathirvelan, who died in a car accident. She later fell in love with Major Amma, a retired army officer, but their relationship faced many obstacles.

  • Soniya as Divya Natraj: She was the daughter-in-law of Sundari and the wife of Natraj. She was a kind and loving woman who supported Sundari in her decisions. She was also the daughter of Chandra, a rich and arrogant woman who disliked Sundari and tried to create problems for her.

  • Nithya Ravindran as Major Amma: She was a retired army officer who fell in love with Sundari. She was a brave and noble woman who helped Sundari in her troubles. She also had a daughter named Nirmala from her previous marriage.

  • Sulakshana / Surekha as Chandra: She was the mother of Divya and Nimmi and the mother-in-law of Natraj and Prabhu. She was a wealthy and haughty woman who hated Sundari and wanted to separate her from Major Amma. She also plotted against Sundari's children and tried to ruin their lives.

  • Shalu Kurian / Kutty Pooja / Dhesikha as Niraimathi (Mathi): She was the eldest daughter of Sundari and Kathirvelan. She was married to Somu, a greedy and abusive man who tortured her. She later divorced him and married Babu, a kind-hearted man who loved her.

  • Radha as Surya Marisamy: She was the youngest daughter of Sundari and Kathirvelan. She was married to Marisamy, a simple and honest man who worked as a driver. She was a cheerful and bubbly girl who loved her family.

  • Nanjil Nalini as Jegathambal: She was the mother-in-law of Sundari and the mother of Kathirvelan and Durai. She was a strict and orthodox woman who initially disliked Sundari but later accepted her as her daughter.

  • Niranjini Ashok / Vineetha as Nithya Durai / Nithya Babu: She was the daughter of Durai and Vasantha and the niece of Kathirvelan. She was married to Babu, but later divorced him due to his affair with Mathi. She then married Sanjay, a rich businessman.

  • Srividya as Nirmala "Nimmi" Prabhu: She was the daughter of Major Amma and the sister-in-law of Divya. She was married to Prabhu, a lawyer who worked for Chandra. She was a friendly and supportive girl who helped Sundari in her problems.

Azhagi was one of the most successful serials on Sun TV that won many awards and accolades for its story, direction and performances. The actresses who played the roles of Sundari, Divya, Major Amma, Chandra, Mathi, Surya, Jegathambal, Nithya and Nimmi were praised for their acting skills and became household names among the Tamil audience.


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