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Franklin Software Proview 32 Download

Franklin Software ProView 32 Download

Franklin Software is a company that provides development tools for the 8051 family of microcontrollers, including the 80C251 and the XA. One of their products is ProView 32, a fully featured and integrated development environment (IDE) that runs on Windows 95, 98, and NT. ProView 32 allows programmers to edit, compile, link, debug, and simulate their embedded applications for any member of the 8051 family.

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Features of ProView 32

ProView 32 has many features that make it a powerful and easy-to-use tool for embedded development. Some of these features are:

  • A fast multi-document editor with color syntax highlighting, block operations, search and replace, and other useful commands.

  • A project manager that creates a link between the various files that comprise a project and the tools necessary to create that project. The project manager supports C and assembler files, object and library files, and custom tools. The project manager also handles dependency analysis and automatic file updating.

  • A message window that displays all warning, error, and progress messages generated during the execution of each project or file. The message window also allows the user to jump to the point of error in the source code window by clicking on the error message.

  • An on-line help system that provides information on nearly all aspects of ProView 32, and the various integrated tools driven by the IDE. The help system also provides context-sensitive help for error messages.

  • A debugger that supports source-level debugging, breakpoints, watch expressions, memory and register windows, stack trace, disassembly, and other debugging features. The debugger can also simulate the target microcontroller using a cycle-accurate simulator.

How to Download ProView 32

ProView 32 is included with the standard delivery of the Advanced Development System (ADS) for users of Windows 95 and NT 4.0. The ADS is a complete package of development tools for the 8051 family, including a C compiler, an assembler, a linker, a librarian, a locator, and a simulator. The ADS also comes with a comprehensive set of documentation and examples.

To download ProView 32, you need to visit the Franklin Software website and register as a user. After registering, you can access the product evaluation page and download the evaluation version of the ADS. The evaluation version is fully functional for 30 days. After downloading the ADS, you can install it on your computer and run ProView 32 from the Start menu.


ProView 32 is a powerful and user-friendly IDE for developing embedded applications for the 8051 family of microcontrollers. It integrates all the tools needed for editing, compiling, linking, debugging, and simulating your code. It also provides helpful features such as color syntax highlighting, project management, message window, on-line help, and debugger. To download ProView 32, you need to register as a user on the Franklin Software website and download the evaluation version of the ADS.


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