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Megalopolis Script Coppola Pdf 18

What Happened: The 2008 Writers Guild of America strike delayed and eventually killed the film. Miller got as far as a script and some costume fittings, but DC moved on with the Christopher Nolan films and eventually the DC Universe.

Megalopolis Script Coppola Pdf 18

What Happened: American studio Warner Bros, who had a distribution deal with Hammer, opted instead for a modern take on the character in Dracula A.D. 1972. The script resurfaced at a horror festival in 2015, and was eventually remade for BBC Radio, directed by Mark Gatiss and narrated by Oscar nominee Michael Sheen.

The Background: For decades there was a dispute between Bond owners EON and writer Kevin McClory, who planned to make his own rival Bond film titled Warhead, starring Sean Connery, who also contributed to the script. The story was very similar to Thunderball (which McClory had a claim to).

The Background: Before Robocop, Aronofsky was seen as the saviour of the Batman franchise, working on a dark take on the character in 2000 by adapting graphic novel Batman: Year One as an edgy, R-rated take on the mythology. Working alongside author Frank Miller, Christian Bale was approached to play the young Bruce Wayne, and the script can be found online.


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