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educational outreach activities, such as high school summer programs, book study groups, community outreach, and elementary science day, are an important part of our outreach and public involvement program. each year, from 1999 through 2004, we have conducted approximately 200 outreach programs across the country. all of our outreach programs are designed to reach a diverse population across the country and are targeted to encourage involvement in science, technology, and engineering, as well as encourage a positive attitude towards living and working in a diverse society.

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the nac remains open to new users and peer reviewers on a regular basis. all analyses carried out are logged and accessible for review by the peer review group. all submissions are given a unique identifier and reviewed by at least 2 of the designated peer reviewers. each submission is also assigned a reviewer in order of seniority and by batch - based on submission date. each reviewer's comments are then reviewed by the nac member(s) and senior nac member, who make the final decision.

now, the task of copying the generated key to the mozilla firefox profile is completed. to start using the generated keys in firefox, open the website, click on install missing security certificates and then choose import certificate file.

peter waterton on february 15, 2012, peter waterton will speak at the rsa conference in san francisco, where hell discuss the future of firefox, the challenges of the internet of things, and mobile security. waterton, formerly cto at shazam, will talk about where the leading browser is headed, the devices and apps that are incorporating firefox, and how mozilla intends to approach the next few years. waterton will also shed some light on the companys mobile strategy, and its belief in the ecosystem that will result in more secure devices and apps.


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