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Bee At The Beach

Donald sets up for a day at the beach right over the same spot that a bee has settled in for a relaxing day. The angry bee then goes after Donald, including, among other things, stinging the inflatable raft that Donald is using in the water and putting him in danger in shark-infested waters.

Bee at the Beach

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Privately owned beach and food shack on Sabbathday Lake in New Gloucester, Maine. The property is open to the public for a general admission rate. We offer swimming, boating, picnicking and dining at the shack. In the Fall, the shack is open for pastry, beverages and food on the weekends which can be enjoyed around the lakeside fire pit.

When Cardamon the cranky landlord kicks them out of the apartment in the meantime, Bee and PuppyCat head to the beach and search for a place to watch the Pretty Patrick Lunchtime Marathon. They'll never look at a crab the same way again...

Bee invites Cardamon to watch Pretty Patrick with them, but he says he needs to fix their toilet first, and give him space to work. He asks Bee and Puppycat to back up very far, which leads them to the beach. When Bee told PuppyCat to come along and help find a TV, PuppyCat invited Bee to swim. She replied in saying she doesn't like water.

Bee and Puppycat chased after the letter, but Bee began to slow down, saying that the beach was hot and she had too many hot dogs. As she slowed down, she found a bunch of cats were following her. Puppycat catches the letter as it landed in the shallow water, diving in after it, and asks Bee to come in the water. Bee refused, hoping about on hot sand and kept saying that she hates water. PuppyCat is annoyed by this and tells her that its just water. When the cats finally catch up to the shore, a wave comes close to them all, prompting Bee and the many cats to hiss at the water, though its mainly Bee's hair that does the hissing-motion, and Bee rejoices and tells PuppyCat that she wasn't the only one who hates water. PuppyCat swims back to her so they can get it over with.

I'm doing a summer collection, and summer wouldn't be complete without a beach scent. Alone, this makes me think of waves crashing, warm sand beneath my feet, and seagulls squawking overhead. When I add in Low Tide and Seaweed it takes on a salty sea air vibe that takes me back to when I lived in Nova Scotia and would go to the wharf to buy fresh lobster. (I actually call that scent Maritime Memories) I'm playing around with adding Petrichor now - trying to find that "after the storm" scent. This is lovely and very versatile.

Vacationers searching for an ideal vacation rental in Carolina Beach or Kure Beach areas will find a huge selection and lots of friendly staff when they book their rental home with Victory Beach Vacations. Based in Carolina Beach just Southeast of Wilmington NC, Victory Beach Vacations has more than 100 rentals in all sizes and budgets to make sure that every group can find their dream home away from home on the beach.

The emails I get from readers of this column are mostly about marine animals, but one terrestrial creature comes up surprisingly often: bees. Why, people ask, do we see so many honey bees near the shoreline on windward beaches? One reader last week thought the bee she saw was digging. 041b061a72


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