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Amliyat Urdu Books Pdf Free

Amliyat Urdu Books Pdf Free

Amliyat is the term used for the practice of Islamic magic and occultism. Amliyat books are collections of amulets, spells, rituals, and secrets of the spiritual world. They are written in Urdu, the national language of Pakistan and one of the official languages of India. Amliyat books are popular among Muslims who seek to learn the hidden knowledge and power of Islam.

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However, amliyat books are not easily available in the market. They are often rare, expensive, or banned by the authorities. Many people who are interested in amliyat have to rely on online sources to find and download amliyat books in PDF format. PDF is a file format that preserves the layout and content of a document, making it easy to read and print.

In this article, we will introduce some of the best websites where you can find and download amliyat books in Urdu for free. These websites offer a variety of amliyat books on different topics, such as love, wealth, health, protection, success, and more. You can browse through their catalogs and choose the books that suit your needs and interests.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library that provides free access to millions of books, movies, music, software, and more. It also hosts a large collection of amliyat books in Urdu that you can download for free. Some of the amliyat books available on the Internet Archive are:

  • : This book contains a comprehensive collection of amliyat for various purposes, such as love, marriage, business, enemies, health, etc. It also includes some rare and powerful amliyat that are not found elsewhere.

  • : This book is a treasure trove of sifli amliyat, which are black magic spells that use jinn and demons. The book contains sifli amliyat for love, revenge, harm, death, and more.

  • : This book is a masterclass in amliyat by a renowned scholar and practitioner of Islamic magic. The book covers various topics such as taweez, naqsh, ruhani ilm, jinnat, asma ul husna, and more.

To download an amliyat book from the Internet Archive, you need to click on the book title and then choose the PDF option from the download menu. You can also read the book online using the online reader option.

Other Websites

Besides the Internet Archive, there are some other websites that offer free amliyat books in Urdu PDF format. However, these websites may not be as reliable or safe as the Internet Archive. Some of them may contain viruses, malware, or spam. Therefore, you should be careful when visiting these websites and downloading their files. Some of these websites are:

  • : This website has a large collection of amliyat books on various topics such as love, marriage, wealth, health, protection, etc. You can download the books by clicking on the download button below each book title.

  • : This website has a section dedicated to amliyat books in Urdu. You can find books on topics such as taweezat, jadu ka tor, rohani ilaj, jinnat ka ilm, etc. You can download the books by clicking on the download link below each book cover.

  • : This website has a category for amliyat books in Urdu. You can find books on topics such as sifli amal, kala jadu, noori ilm, asrar e quran, etc. You can download the books by clicking on the download icon below each book cover.

We hope this article has helped you find some useful and interesting amliyat books in Urdu PDF format for free. However, we advise you to use these books with caution and responsibility. Amliyat is a serious and sacred practice that requires knowledge, faith, and ethics. You should not use amliyat for evil or selfish purposes, as it may backfire on you and cause harm to yourself and others. You should also respect the rights and beliefs of other people and avoid harming or interfering with them. Amliyat is a means to connect with Allah and seek His guidance and blessings, not to disobey Him or harm His creation.


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