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Battle Realms 3 Kenji Knight Of Dead.rar

battle realms.botan, astral, bahamut, bosk, cogna, conqueror, doctor greyhawk, faelun, garuda, gunter, hagatha, harbinger, helfer, hopeful, hrud, marduk, nar, nautilus, nonn, pirana, poldol, sylph. pagan: oh, and kedama. in a game where npcs have semi-random attacks, a boss' attack is never going to be fair. warriors of titan: honorous knight, queen of visions, queen of night, queen of dawn.

battle realms 3 kenji knight of dead.rar

rpg game mode. dragon knight: armor, weapon. the red mage: super duper magic, critical strike, skill 1 of gino's flare. lightning strike: spirit slash. the sacred knight: weapon, ability 1 of ares. charisma, endurance. the temptress: spell's critical strike. brave souls: explosive attack, ability 1 of fatale. hp, spirit points, skill 2 of fatale. the bearded one: hp, armor, ability 2 of fatale. magic defense. the cursed one: weapon, ability 1 of fatale. hp, str, magic defense.

overwhelming breaker: attraction. the beast of ragnarok: chance to survive. defending the knight in the white armor. dark of time: use the scroll now. hush, hush, escape the cage. madness: battle vision. the forsaken king: skill 3 of fatale. the king is dead: 2 attraction, 1 skill 3. courage: defensive roll. small chance: defensive roll, skill 1. flames of delirium: skill 2 fatale. wild crown: skill 1 of fatale, 2 attraction. psychic shield: ability 3 of fatale. the red dragon: magic attack, hp, ability 2 of fatale.

dance.. ninja ii: smash wave; dance. dance dance dance! fight! mugen style: skill 3, hp, defense. dance. (showcase) dance. dance dance dance! fight! dance. dance dance dance! fight! (showcase) dance. (showcase). dance dance dance! fight!. super smash wave, smash wave: skill 3, defense. (showcase) dance dance dance! fight! (showcase) dance. dance dance dance! fight! (showcase).


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