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The production was pitched to Netflix as an animated prequel series. Upon hearing the idea, Vice President of Original Content Cindy Holland rewatched the film and asked about the possibility of doing the series in live-action, much to the Henson Company's surprise. A short test film, featuring a puppet Skeksis and a CGI Gelfling, was produced in 2016 to test potential improvements the series could have over the film. Ultimately, the test convinced the Henson Company and Netflix that the series needed puppet characters.[10]

You have requested : The.Dark.Crystal.Age.of.Re...

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On September 2, 2019, IndieWire reported that Addiss and Matthews were interested in and prepared for a possible second season: in an interview, Matthews said, "If we are lucky enough to get more seasons then the story will go on and we know where it's going and it's maybe more hopeful than you might think," with Addiss noting, "We also have a concrete document for season two. So we are ready to go."[35]

Previously in the Dark Crystal: This comic book series provides some insights into the Netflix series of the same name. Prominent characters have their backstories explored and expands the universe. Now we begin a new arc featuring All-Maudra Mayrin who is the mother of Seladon, Tavra, and Brea.

Henson: Two of the three lead characters are female which I think is an unusual balance these days. We have created a whole culture for the Gelflings which is a matriarchy and each of the seven Gelfling clans have a Maudra and they are all ruled by the All-Maudra who serves as the symbolic leader of the Gelflings. There is a beautiful, gentle natural quality to the Gelflings. While they are male and female there is a bit of feminine energy to them and their culture is a matriarchy. Conversely, the Skeksis have a bit more toxic masculinity.

Henson: For this program, gender balance was most important with our puppeteering team behind the camera. We hired 12 principal puppeteers, including 5 women, and each handled 2-3 characters. This was a breakthrough production for several of the women on the team because they were in lead roles for the first time or multiple lead roles; they really got to stretch their muscles. We struck such a gender balance with the puppeteer casting that there was a completely different atmosphere on the set. Louise Gold, who was probably the youngest puppeteer on The Dark Crystal film, was on our series as one of the twelve principal puppeteers. It was exciting to have that continuity. The female puppeteers were so happy as they felt supported and encouraged by the way we put the production together.

Credible action scenes require some level of physical display, by way of computer generated effects or, as Henson and Oz did in 1982, small costumed humans filmed at a distance whenever Jen and Kira were required to run, climb hills or do anything that showed their feet in action. Puppets, even at their most advanced, have physical limitations.

Rian recalls being on duty at the Castle of the Crystal alongside his lover Mira when they discover that some Arathim are loose. They pursue the creatures to the Chamber of Life, where Rian witnesses the Skeksis murdering Mira by draining her essence and consuming it. Rian is then discovered by the Skeksis and flees. He finds his best friend Gurjin and tells him what he has seen. Gurjin reveals that the Skeksis have been spreading lies that Rian has gone mad and has murdered Mira. Along with two other members of the Castle Guard, Breg and Alyadon, they make to escape from the Castle. They are ambushed by skekSil the Chamberlain and Gurjin allows himself to be captured so that the others can escape.

Gurjin's twin sister Naia and her friend Kylan set out from the Swamp of Sog to locate Rian and return him to the Castle in exchange for Gurjin's freedom. Along the way, they are attacked by Darkended Armaligs and have to fight their way out. They later find Rian in a Podling tavern, where Tavra is also seeking to apprehend him. A fight ensues, after which Rian convinces the others to dreamfast with him, proving his innocence and the Skeksis' villainy. Rian's father, Ordon, arrives and witnesses his son's memories, apologizing for not trusting him earlier.

The heroes make for the Crystal Desert to travel to the Circle of the Suns, as they have been instructed to do in a message delivered by Lore. Arriving at the outskirts of the desert, they meet Rek'yr of the Dousan Clan, who agrees to help them on their quest once they prove their skill in battle to him. Once they cleanse the desert of Darkened creatures, Rek'yr leads them to the Circle of the Suns, where they meet skekGra the Heretic and UrGoh the Wanderer. The duo perform the True History of Thra in which they reveal that creatures called urSkeks came to Thra, deceived Aughra and cracked the Crystal, creating the Darkening and splitting the urSkeks into the Skeksis and the urRu. They also inform them of the Dual Glaive, which they say is hidden where the Three Suns dare not shine. They state that the clans must be united if the Skeksis are to be defeated.

The heroes travel to Smerth-Staba to convince the Drenchen Clan to join their cause. SkekSil is in the area and several Gelfling have gone missing, so the heroes go to investigate. They meet resistance from Drenchen Gelfling who believe them responsible for the disappearances, but after fighting against them and saving them from a horde of Arathim they convince them that they are there to help. They find skekSil and defeat him, driving him out of Sog.

Deet deduces that the Dual Glaive is in the Caves of Grot and leads her friends there. Upon arrival, they discover that many of the Grottan Clan have been taken over by Threaders. They fight their way through the Arathim and locate Deet's brother Bobb'N, who is being attacked by Darkened Nurlocs. They rescue him and make for the Sanctuary Tree, which is being consumed by Nurlocs. Before they leave, Deet promises the Tree that she will defeat the Darkening. Once they reach the surface, Maudra Argot presents them with one half of the Dual Glaive, informing them that the other half is in Stone-in-the Wood.

The heroes travel towards Ha'rar and are confronted by rangers who have been sent by Seladon to arrest them and take them to the Citadel. The heroes defeat them and reach the city, where they learn that some Gelfling of the Vapra Clan have started a resistance and are imprisoned by Skeksis loyalists led by skekVar. The heroes sneak into the Citadel through underground tunnels and free the prisoners. They fight their way through Seladon's Paladins and then face skekVar himself, defeating him and driving him out of Ha'rar.

The heroes make for the Sifan Coast, with Alyadon informing them that the blight of the Darkening and the Skeksis' tithes have taken a toll on the smaller fishing villages. Kylan states that the elders of the Sifa Clan remain loyal to the Skeksis, but others may be willing to join their cause. Alyadan informs them that a well-known scholar named Ivo has gone missing and that he may be a useful ally if found. They locate him among a shipwreck and save him from an attack by Darkened creatures. He reveals that he has been sent by Elder Cadia to decipher ancient symbols and promises to share any information he has found with them. From the symbols he learns of a secret cave hidden among the rocks on the coast. He leads them to the cave and discovers etchings depicting the Three Suns aligned above the Crystal, but can only decipher a single line of text: the Great Conjunction.

The heroes travel to Sami Thicket, where Kylan warns them that they will have a hard time convincing the Spriton Clan to join their cause, as they are the clan most loyal to the Skeksis. They are attacked by a group of Gelfling, with one of them claiming them responsible for the death of her brother Bolan, who was a member of the Castle Guard. They assure her that they are not killers and promise to find out what happened to him. They discover a village under attack from Darkened Podlings and defend it before travelling to the Podling village. They are met by Pombo, a Podling musician who promises to help them if they save his village. They reach the village and discover skekTek the Scientist, who has been experimenting on the Podlings by poisoning their water in an attempt to create an army for the Skeksis. They defeat him and drive him back to the Castle. Pombo plays a song that puts the other Podlings to sleep and drives the Darkening out of them.

The heroes return to the Castle and Gurjin leads them to the Chamber of Life, where they are attacked by skekTek's experiments and subdue them by activating their collars. As they travel through the corridors, they are bewildered to find no guards on patrol. They reach the vaults and discover the guards' weapons and armor abandoned, concluding that the Skeksis have drained all of them. They discover that the Stonewood Gelfing have been captured and the Arathim Ascendancy promises to help free them. Breg suggests searching the wilderness for any that have managed to escape. They aid two Gelfling, Pinn and Orla, in an attack by Darkened creatures. Pinn and Orla reveal that they barely escaped the Arathim attack on Stone-in-the-Wood and have been hiding in the forest ever since. The heroes escort them safely back to their home.

Brea finds the Shard of the Division within the hilt of the Dual Glaive. Rian watches as Deet, who becomes infected with the Darkening during the battle with skekSo, disappears into the Endless Forest. Aughra tells the heroes that the many have become one and the victory belongs to all of them. She states that there is hope for the future, but warns them to take care as hope is fragile, like a Crystal Shard.

The core gameplay in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics is what you'd expect from a turn-based strategy RPG with grid battle maps. Whereas most games in the genre merely task you with taking out your opponents, I was impressed with how much variety there is here. For example, you may have to pull a bunch of levers or guide your party to a particular area to win. There are even battles that change the goal halfway through. Plus, the battle maps themselves feature a surprising amount of variety such as ones with hazardous terrain that you can push enemies onto, boulders that you can roll, and wind gusts that may harm your party if you're not careful. 041b061a72


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