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ZBrush 2: A Full 3D Software for 64-bit Systems

ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting software that allows you to create realistic and detailed 3D models and textures. ZBrush is used by professionals in various industries, such as film, games, animation, toy design, jewelry design, and more. ZBrush has many features and tools that enable you to unleash your creativity and imagination.

ZBrush 2 is the second version of ZBrush, released in 2004. It was the first version to support 64-bit systems, which allowed users to work with larger and more complex models. ZBrush 2 also introduced many new features and improvements, such as:

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  • Projection Master: A tool that allows you to paint and sculpt on a 3D model as if it was a 2D canvas. Projection Master lets you use various brushes, alphas, textures, materials, and effects to add details and realism to your model.

  • ZSpheres: A tool that allows you to create organic shapes by placing spheres on a skeleton-like structure. ZSpheres let you quickly sketch out the basic form of your model and then convert it into a high-resolution mesh.

  • Displacement Maps: A tool that allows you to create a low-polygon mesh that can be rendered with the details of a high-polygon mesh. Displacement maps store the difference between the low-polygon and high-polygon meshes as a grayscale image that can be applied to the low-polygon mesh at render time.

  • Normal Maps: A tool that allows you to create a low-polygon mesh that can be rendered with the lighting information of a high-polygon mesh. Normal maps store the direction of the surface normals of the high-polygon mesh as a color image that can be applied to the low-polygon mesh at render time.

  • Multi-Markers: A tool that allows you to place multiple objects in the same scene and edit them individually or as a group. Multi-Markers let you create complex scenes and compositions with ease.

  • ZScripts: A tool that allows you to record and play back your actions in ZBrush. ZScripts let you automate tasks, create tutorials, and share your techniques with other users.

ZBrush 2 was a revolutionary software that set the standard for digital sculpting and painting. It was praised by critics and users alike for its innovation, performance, and quality. ZBrush 2 was awarded several honors, such as the Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 2005 and the CGTalk Choice Award for Best Software in 2004.

ZBrush 2 is no longer available for purchase or download, as it has been replaced by newer versions of ZBrush. The latest version of ZBrush is ZBrush 2023.0.1, which was released in August 2023. It features a new Anchors Brush, updates to existing tools, and more. You can download a free trial of ZBrush from the official website or buy it from an authorized reseller.

If you want to learn more about ZBrush 2 or ZBrush in general, you can visit the following resources:

  • The official website: The official source of information about ZBrush, where you can find news, tutorials, galleries, forums, downloads, and more.

  • The official documentation: The official guide to using ZBrush, where you can find detailed explanations of all the features and tools of ZBrush.

  • The official YouTube channel: The official video channel of ZBrush, where you can find demonstrations, tips, tricks, interviews, and more.

  • The Pixologic blog: The official blog of Pixologic, the company behind ZBrush, where you can find articles, stories, showcases, and more.

  • The ZClassroom: The official online learning portal of ZBrush, where you can find free video lessons for beginners and advanced users.

  • The ZBrushCentral: The official community of ZBrush users, where you can share your work, get feedback, ask questions, and more.

ZBrush is an amazing software that can help you create stunning 3D art. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, ZBrush can offer you a unique and rewarding experience. ZBrush 2 was the first step in the evolution of ZBrush, and it paved the way for the future of digital sculpting and painting.


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