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New Pop Up Paper Projects: Step By Step Paper Engineering For All Ages

New Pop-Up Paper Projects is an inspirational book for everyone who wants to learn and share the magic of pop-up paper engineering. Illustrated throughout with colour diagrams and photographs, this book guides you through basic techniques and foundation skills, offers advice on classroom planning and health and safety and shows you how to ensure that learners of all ages can develop and progress their skills.

New Pop Up Paper Projects: Step by step paper engineering for all ages

Guiding you through 90-, 180- and 360-degree engineering, this book presents step-by-step instructions and ideas for over 200 cross-curricular themes, from cityscapes to magical creatures. Aiming to challenge and inspire, Paul Johnson uses over 150 paper-engineering techniques, including:

But the surprises paper engineers value most highly and strive the hardest for are derived from skillful cutting and engineering techniques. When combined with a good concept, wonderful art and a well-written story, they offer the child or adult a piece of paper artwork that can provide pleasure for years.

Purpose: Visuospatial thinking relates to success in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education (e.g., topographic map interpretation, molecular structure understanding), so it is important that children practice fundamental visuospatial skills at an early age. The purpose of this project is to develop and pilot test an elementary-aged curriculum that will promote the development of and practice with visuospatial thinking integral to STEM disciplines. The curriculum will teach visuospatial thinking through 2-D to 3-D transformation challenges of origami and pop-up paper engineering.

Using scissors, tape, and reams of creativity, Matthew Reinhart engineers paper to bend, fold, and transform into fantastic creatures, structures and locales. By adjusting the angles of folds and the depth of layers, Reinhart animates his subjects to tell dramatic stories that literally pop off the page. Watch to see how Reinhart creates his amazing feats of paper engineering.

Are you passionate about paper crafts? This fun, easy-to-follow guide is packed with a wide range of projects that use simple techniques and tools. Step-by-step directions and diagrams show you how to make eye-catching cards, animated models, pop-ups, and much more. Plus, you'll take your paper engineering skills to the next level as you learn to invent your own unique creations!

Make the most of our expertise, and we will turn your pop-up concept into a reality. As well as engineering the mechanisms of your paper creation, we will provide insightful support for all aspects of your project. This includes concept development, design, manufacture and distribution. Additionally, we understand the commercial world, and we are happy to work alongside marketing departments, advertising agencies or design consultancies.

A pop-up book is a true feat of paper engineering in which beauty, technique, and content go hand in hand to create a new world for the reader to dive into with every turn of the page. Silvia Hijano Coullaut, founder of the Libracos studio, is an expert in this medium and has collaborated with various brands, film producers, and advertising agencies.

In this course, learn how to create a pop-up book step-by-step, touching on each of the production stages: cutting, assembling, pasting, adding hinges, and binding. Discover different pop-up techniques for solid and functional construction and be creating your own pieces in no time!

With these starting steps, the possibilities for creating your paper circuits are endless. You can fold the copper tape into different designs or make a collage that is lit by a hidden circuit on another piece of paper underneath.

"@context": " ", "@type": "HowTo", "image": "@type": "ImageObject", "url": " -to-make-a-pop-up-card" , "name": "How to Make a Pop Up Card", "description": "Want to make your message really pop? That's where a pop up card comes in! Pop up cards are great for any occasion, and they'll make your gift and message stand out from the rest. Even better, they're surprisingly simple to create.","supply":["@type":"HowToSupply","requiredQuantity":"2","name":"Cardstock or construction paper", "@type":"HowToSupply","requiredQuantity":"1","name":"Glue stick", "@type":"HowToSupply","requiredQuantity":"1","name":"Pop up card printables", "@type":"HowToSupply","requiredQuantity":"1","name":"Art supplies"],"tool": [ "@type": "HowToTool", "name": "Scissors" ], "step":[ "@type": "HowToStep", "name": "Fold paper in half", "text": "Fold a piece of construction paper or cardstock in half. If you'd like to make a smaller card, cut the paper to size before you fold.", "@type": "HowToStep", "name": "Cut slits", "text": "Cut slits at the center of your card. With the folded side facing you, cut two 1.5 inch slits. The paper between each of the cuts will form a tab that you'll secure your pop up art to. Tabs can be wide or narrow depending on what kind of art you choose. Make multiple tabs if you are planning to add pop up art along the width of your card.", "@type": "HowToStep", "name": "Fold tabs inward", "text": "Open the card and fold tabs inward. Crease each tab at the center. They should now be on the inside of the card.", "@type": "HowToStep", "name": "Glue on your artwork", "text": "Print or draw your pop up art. Choose what will go on each tab--you can either print the images we provided or draw your own. Cut the pop up art out and use a glue stick to secure to each tab.", "@type": "HowToStep", "name": "Fold and glue second piece of paper outside", "text": "Fold your second piece of paper in half. This will be the outside of your final card. Glue the outside of the first piece of paper. Place the first piece of paper inside of the second piece of paper and press together, hiding the tab cutouts.", "@type": "HowToStep", "name": "Decorate your card", "text": "Decorate your pop up card and write a message. Put the finishing touches on your pop up card with glitter, stamps, or a fun message." ]

First, cut out the middle of the frame to make a window - a hobby knife works best for this step. You can use a ruler to help you make straight, even cuts. Then cut the two lines on either side of the window to release the middle for folding. Trim the edges of the template to remove the extra paper.

Make Your Own Dinosaur Lantern Night Lightages 6+Make a dinosaur lantern/night light with step-by-step directions. Choose where to place your dinosaurs on the vellum landscape.

Design & Build with PaperStudents will learn about and create paper art and objects ranging from pop-up paper art, origami, complex paper cutting, book making, sculptures, and structures. Paper has many uses and qualities that make it the ideal material for students to experiment, design, and prototype with. This workshop will allow students to creatively apply engineering principles alongside formal art and design elements and concepts.

Eric Carle has created more than 60 children's books that have been translated into 23 languages. Now, he brings the best of these works together in The Art of Eric Carle. Bursting with his distinctively bright and bold illustrations, this retrospective will be treasured by art lovers, longtime fans, and newcomers to Carle's work. In a step-by-step photo-essay, Carle creates one of his trademark painted tissue papers. An information section - complete with autobiographical sketch, family photos, and recollections by friends, editors, and colleagues - makes this a valuable reference work as well as a lush coffee-table book.

Robert Sabuda has designed the ultimate Christmas pop-up book. Using words from the familiar carol as text, The 12 Days of Christmas is an astonishing feat of paper engineering. Even inveterate pop-up-book Scrooges (and I am one) will be amazed to see a partridge fly out from the page; a reindeer lift its antlers, decorated with five gold rings; and a life-sized jewelry box open up to display 11 ladies dancing. This beautifully conceived and executed book will be a terrific gift, to be enjoyed for many years to come.

The field of prognostics and health management aims to monitor the current health status and remaining useful life of cyber-physical systems while also reducing the maintenance cost. One common example is applications in modern-day printers; with the help of PHM, technologies can inform the user (on-screen) when there is an issue, such as a paper jam, and then outline the necessary steps to diagnose and rectify the problem.

This title includes 55 practical projects including step-by-step folds. You can learn the mechanics of making your own pop-up gift cards with this collection of practical stage-by-stage techniques and projects. It is suitable for beginners and experienced paper engineers.

It includes advice on choosing the appropriate card and paper, as well as a guide to materials and techniques. Home-made greetings cards are satisfying to make and wonderful to receive. This book shows you how to use paper-engineering skills to create movable and pop-up cards that will delight the lucky recipients.


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