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Craigslist Auto Flagging Program =LINK=

You can generally tell whether it is because of the Craigslist automated systems flagging your ad or a competitor by watching how long the ad remains live. If your ad goes live and makes it past two hours, it passed automated checking. If it gets flagged for removal after that time period, it was a competitor. Unfortunately, there are as many programs that help flag ads as there are to create them. This is just a cost of doing business on Craigslist.

Craigslist Auto Flagging Program

You can go with the craigslist flagging tool to flag posts. It is nothing but the craigslist flagging software. This software helps you carry out flagging in no time. Right from getting a list of spam ads to getting relevant keywords, it does a whole work for users. In this way, you simply save a lot of time and enjoy many benefits. There are three flagging categories provided by craigslist flagging services, which are:

Craigslist discovers that even if there are many interesting ads, a lot of bad ones also exist. People usually use Craigslist for scams and frauds. It has an automated system that removes the posts which receive many negative flags. The only way to determine is your post has been flagged is to check the link emailed to your account. Anyone can flag a post he sees is in violation of craigslist terms and conditions. Posts that are misleading, pornographic, unlawful, harmful, etc are subject for removal.

To order only addons please go here Product: Description: Price CL Auto Poster Full Package Includes all add-ons. No Monthly Fees. $ 1475 CL Auto Poster Professional Includes random / multiple email address add-on **BEST BUY!** $ 9.99 / month Craigslist Add Ons: Description: Price Additional License Run more than one copy of Craigslist Auto Poster. $ 5.99 / month Additional License #2 Run more than one copy of CL Auto Poster. $ 5.99 / month Additional License #3 Run more than one copy of CL Auto Poster. $ 5.99 / month Additional License #4 Run more than one copy of CL Auto Poster. $ 5.99 / month Additional License #5 Run more than one copy of CL Auto Poster. $ 5.99 / month Auto Posting Scheduler Set the date and time for automatic ad posting. **RECOMMENDED** $ 5.99 / month Proxy & VPN IP Rotator Rotates through a Proxy / VPN list for unique posting. **RECOMMENDED** $ 5.99 / month Automatic Reposter Checks for posted ads, renews them or deletes them, and posts a new one. $ 5.99 / month Cache Cleaner Clean your web browser between ads for posting success. **POPULAR** $ 5.99 / month IP Renew For DSL / ADSL / Dialup users resets modem / router / connection for a new IP. $ 5.99 / month Image Changer Randomly changes picture size, resolution and name to avoid flagging. **NEW ADD ON** $ 5.99 / month Auto Phone Verification Transcribes voicemail to automatically bypass phone verification on**NEW ADD ON** $ 5.99 / month CL Emailer Extracts emails from cl posts for contact. $ 5.99 / month Classified Sites Add Ons: Description: Price Kijiji & EbayClassifieds Allows the same ads to be posted on and $ 5.99 / month Total Price: $9.99 Email:* countTotal2();if(window.location.href.indexOf("?") > -1) //document.getElementById('em').style.display = "none";//document.getElementById('email').value = "cl_email";document.getElementById('recap').style.display = "";var x = readCookie('jump')if (x) document.getElementById('custom3').value = x;

You can check to see what is going on by enabling the CraigsFlagger Pro preview window. It will show you the ad in real time as it is being called up and flagged. You can view each ad as it is flagged to verify the program is working. This is the only flagging program ever written with this feature. You can shut it off as well to save browser memory resources, and the flagging will continue behind the scenes.

P.S. The siding I am selling is a Veneer Architecural Stone. Nobody on CL has a listing for that in my area. So I am 99% sure it isnt CL users flagging me. With my other items Im pretty sure its also the CL autoflag system..Please Help

I am frequent craigslist user and i am appreciate the opportunity of listing my apartments for free on your website. Unfortunately there are series flaws in the way the craigslist operates. For some unknown reasons someone very frequently flag and deletes my ad. It is happening many times each day like never ending game. The same happened many times last year. Through some research i came to the conclusion that my ads are flag as the way to get rid of competition. I place my ad in for owners only section (no fee). It is well known fact that this section is frequently used by real estate professions. I would say in 90% which is a clear violation to craigslist regulations. Since my rent is substantially cheaper than average rent advertised by real estate brokers, one of them or few of them intentionally and constantly flag and deletes my ads. Craigslist is a very popular website only because it is used by large number of non professionals. When private person like me start to have more and more problems with placing the ad because craigslist is beginning dominating by professionals, I strongly believe that craigslist value will start to diminish, as more and more non professionals will have problems similar to mine. I do not believe that it is in your best interest to switch from serving the public to become a tool for professionals. Let me mention that my ads are not flag because there are inappropriate or in violation of your regulations. Unlike real estate brokers who places multiple ads in one day in private owners only section, i place only one ad. I do not know how your program operates, maybe it can be easly cracked by hackers or be manipulated by professionals but i hope and i am sure that your programmers and software specialists are able to correct the degree of ease of deleting any ad.

Anything is possible. There are some auto posting programs available, but CL generally catches them. If you want to try some, I have some auto post programs bundled up and available for free download at my website on the download page (tutorial page). You can try and see if they help you. If not, I list several other methods on my site that you can try and see what works best for you.


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