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Fate Hollow Ataraxia Pc Iso Files

here is the only english walkthrough I found. read carefully. I just looked it over cuz I wanna try compleating the game without much help =) hope I was of some use ? -fate-hollow-ataraxia/faqs/63827

Fate Hollow Ataraxia Pc Iso Files

I know that this series may seem a bit intimidating for some, but Fate/hollow ataraxia is one of my favorites in the entire series. This visual novel series is just fantastic and this game is a full sequel to Fate Stay Night as the game takes place right after. So, it should go without saying that this is not a game for people new to the franchise to just jump into.

Like the other games in the series, Fate/hollow ataraxia has different routes that you can pick as you progress through the story. The time travel nature of the game makes this more interesting in my opinion. There is a lot to see and unlock in this game with a few risqué scenes thrown in too. One of the things that does set this apart from other visual novels is that it offers more than just reading and making choices. You do also have some mini-games that you can take part in which help keep things interesting and also serve as a way for you to unlock other CGs. There is a fair bit to keep you entertained in this game. However, the fun you get out of it does all depend on how familiar you are with this franchise.

In talking about the presentation of Fate/hollow ataraxia we have to talk about two different things. You see this game was originally released on PC all the way back in 2005. The artwork is fantastic as is the music, it has that quality you would expect from this series. However, the game was then re-released in 2014 for the PlayStation Vita with various enhancements. While the game looks sharper on the Vita screen and from what I can tell it has been touched up a bit. It is the newly added voice acting that really makes that version better. As of me writing this, there is no way to get the voice acting onto the PC version of the game.

I had a great time with Fate/hollow ataraxia and think that it is a real stand out title in the series. I am a real sucker for any story that is about time travel and I felt that it was done very well here. Of course, I had played the previous game in the series so that did help my overall enjoyment.


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