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Buy Cashews

A classic favorite, roasted cashews nuts are one of the most flavorful and nutritious tree nuts. Our bulk roasted cashews come in whole or in splits, pieces or butts to help satisfy even the most particular cashew fan. Buy today!

buy cashews


2) All-Around Health Nut: Cashews provide an excellent source of nutrients. Just 1/4 cup of cashews provides over 35% of the Daily Value (DV) for copper and 25% DV for magnesium. Copper is involved in many important metabolic processes: it helps our bodies utilize iron, prevents free radicals from damaging cells, and supports the development of our bones and connective tissue. Magnesium is required for the body to absorb calcium and can reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. Cashews are also rich in protein, antioxidants, and potassium.

3) Health and Longevity: A 2013 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine examined 76,464 women and 42,498 men and found that consumption of nuts such as cashews was inversely associated with total and cause-specific mortality. The study also found that eating nuts regularly can stave off weight gain. Previous studies have indicated that the high nutrient content of unsaturated fats, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals in nuts may help reduce the risk for chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Cashews can be stored in the pantry and should be consumed within a few weeks because their high oil content makes them perishable. Cashews can be kept in an airtight container for up to six months in the fridge, or for up to one year in the freezer. If you plan to store cashews for longer than one month, they should be transferred to an airtight container or kept in their original package and placed in a freezer bag.

If one of your dietary goals is to maintain good cholesterol levels or lower your cholesterol, consuming cashews online is a step in the right direction. Unsaturated fat, found in cashews, is credited for helping maintain a balance between the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Unsaturated fat also reduces triglyceride levels, which is important because high triglyceride levels can increase LDL cholesterol production. Cashews are also an excellent source of fiber, and there is a distinct correlation between fiber and cholesterol. Soluble fiber binds itself to cholesterol molecules and sweeps them out of the body. Essentially, fiber blocks the absorption of cholesterol.

Unfortunately, cashews are not particularly keto-friendly. They are simply too high in carbohydrates to enjoy in normal serving sizes for someone on the ketogenic diet. However, while they are not carb-free, cashews are quite low in carbohydrates, and they would work in a generally low carb diet.

People from all over the United States buy cashews from Aunt Ruby's because we make all of our nut products using the best ingredients, tried-and-true recipes, and all that homemade taste that people love. Every tin of roast cashews that you buy from Aunt Ruby's is packed full of large cashews that are slow roasted to perfection. Our roasting process brings out the full flavor of the cashew kernels so that every mouthful is something to savor.

Due to the popularity of our Roasted Cashews, we offer them in 12- 20-, and 40-ounce tins. Along with those weights, we offer a volume discount when you by four or more tins. The more you buy cashews, the more you save. Our savings program makes Aunt Ruby's Roasted Cashews perfect for holiday giving, corporate events, and to stash in your cupboard for guests and family treats, including lunches. Aunt Ruby's understands that consumers who buy roasted cashews have choices. That is why we focus on creating quality snack foods that are both wholesome and delicious. Our focus on producing consistent products at excellent prices has made us a favorite of generations of happy nut lovers.

Buying cashews in bulk is the most economical way to purchase these popular nuts, especially if you are in the snacking business, or own a confectionary unit that manufactures nutrition or nut bars. Buying cashews in bulk makes the most economic sense, being more cost-efficient than purchasing individual bags at dynamic prices.

There are several options for buying cashews in bulk, depending on the nature of your business, how much you want to buy, and the place to buy from. Typically, it involves selecting from a wide variety of grades, sizes, and granularities. offers 30 different grades of cashew, as the largest B2B supplier in the US and Canada.

Therefore, businesses such as manufacturers, bakers, and caterers buy bulk cashews to make cashew bars, cakes or cashew-based sauces and desserts. The shelf life of cashews can be extended by a further 6 months if refrigerated, to one year if frozen (SE,2018). With that in mind, supply shortages and price fluctuations provide another incentive to buy ahead in bulk.

The cashew market in the US is segmented based on various applications in the food processing industry. Businesses in the US buy bulk nuts to produce nut bars, shakes, butter, desserts, and bakery products. On the basis of product, the cashew market is classified as whole cashews, roasted, meal, paste, powder, and splits. By application, the businesses buy cashews in bulk because they are either manufacturers, resellers, brands retailers, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, specialist stores, etc.

If you're looking to buy Cashews, buy the very best! We have Cashews and Cashew Gifts for everyone on your list. Our plump whole Indian Cashews are handcooked in golden peanut oil and lightly seasoned with sea salt. Our All Natural Cashews are handcooked in 100% expeller-pressed peanut oil with natural sea salt. Honey Toasted Cashews are glazed in the finest honey. And our crispy Milk and Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews are to die for! Don't forget, all of our cashews are kosher and gluten free!

Hawaii has made a name for itself with their Black Lava sea salt. Adding the highest quality charcoal to white sea salt, the exciting Black Lava sea salt adds an exceptional flavor and a dramatic look. A dusting of this dark colored sea salt onto premium grade roasted cashews will have guests admiring this exotic treat from across the room.

From adding it to your cookies and your favourite desserts to preparing a thick creamy curry, everyone is a fan of this wonder nut. Also known as snack nuts, Kaju or Cashew boasts several healthy nutrients, including essential fatty acids from proteins to carbs, vitamins, minerals, and fibres. Not just this, they're also a great source of manganese, copper, and magnesium - significant nutrients for immunity, brain health, energy production, and bone health. At Nutraj, we offer you a wide range of cashew nuts online, so when it comes to buying cashews, you only get the best.

This is one of the reasons why at Nutraj, we ensure only the finest quality cashews are delivered to your doorstep. Our assortment of different types of cashews in different flavoured ranges is ideal for your sweet delicacies, newly-experimented recipes, and all that soothes your taste buds. Explore the range of Nutraj cashews today and bring home your Passion for Nutrition!

People around the nation use cashews in many ways, making a nutritiously delicious addition to their diet. However, it is still a matter of question if cashews are initially dry fruits or nuts. Let us explain you well!

Belonging to a tropical tree called Anacardium occidentale, cashew nuts grow underneath the cashew apple, being named a 'drupe.' The drupe is shelled seed/nut with an edible fruit inside. Also known as Kaju, cashews are widely eaten raw and used in many Indian spicy recipes, dessert making, butter, and Indian sweets.

Though Kaju can grow in a variety of soil types, the yield tends to be better if the soil is deep, sandy, well-drained, and loamy. The process of growing cashews first begins with the development of cashew apples that are attached to the branches and the cashew seeds further attached to the apples. Reddish or yellow in colour, these cashew apples are 3x the size of cashew shells, both of which flourish in the dry season.

Kaju offers a wide range of nutritional characteristics as they contain a high amount of healthy fat, proteins, Vitamin B6 and K, and a bunch of dietary minerals. The following is a list of health benefits that eating cashews can help you with:

Cashews are known for their rich, creamy texture and high nutritional value. From desserts to Indian curry recipes, cashew nuts have a separate fan base in all dishes. The nutritional profile of unsalted cashews per ounce is as follows:

Cashews are a nourishing and versatile addition to your daily diet. Raw or roasted, there are various ways you can thoroughly enjoy eating cashew nuts. Here are some delicious ways to include Nutraj cashews in your everyday diet:

In Smoothies: Nutraj cashews are known for their rich, creamy, fulfilling taste, and adding them to your smoothies or shakes can be more delightful. Take a handful of cashews and blend them along with the other ingredients.

In Baked Items: We all have eaten and heard about Kaju cookies, which you can also make at home. From topping up your cookies to giving your cakes or muffins a crunchy addition, cashews go well with your baked items.

With benefits come specified cautions, and that's exactly the case with cashews. The nuts are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated lipids that make them prone to getting rancid if not stored properly. Remember, once the cashews have expired, they are no longer edible and ideal for cooking. 041b061a72


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