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The Latest Update for Hitman: Absolution - Features, DLCs, and Tips

Hitman: Absolution - Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Update


If you are a fan of stealth action games, you might have heard of Hitman: Absolution, the fifth installment in the Hitman franchise developed by Io-Interactive and published by Square Enix in 2012. The game follows the original assassin, Agent 47, as he pursues redemption in a corrupt and twisted world after being betrayed by his former employer, the Agency.


In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the latest update for Hitman: Absolution, version 1.0.447.12, which includes several improvements and additions to the game, such as new features, DLCs, and bug fixes. Whether you are a new player or a veteran, this update will enhance your gaming experience and make you feel like a true professional hitman.

Features of the update

The latest update for Hitman: Absolution introduces some amazing features that make the game more realistic, immersive, and enjoyable. Here are some of them:

Showcasing Glacier 2 technology

Hitman: Absolution has been built from the ground up using the Glacier 2 engine, which boasts a cinematic story, distinctive art direction, and highly original game and sound design. The engine allows for stunning graphics, dynamic lighting and shadows, realistic physics and animations, and seamless transitions between gameplay and cutscenes. You will feel like you are watching a movie as you play through the game's 20 missions.

Freedom of Choice

As Agent 47, you have the freedom to choose how to approach each mission and eliminate your targets. You can stalk your prey, fight them head on, or adapt as you go along. You can use stealth, disguises, weapons, gadgets, environmental objects, or even your bare hands to execute your hits. You can also choose between different difficulty levels and play styles, such as Silent Assassin, Professional, or Purist. The game rewards you for your creativity and skill with different ratings and challenges.

Experience a Living, Breathing World

In the world of Hitman: Absolution, every moment can become a story as unique characters, rich dialogue, and Hollywood standard performances combine to create a gameplay experience like no other. You will encounter various NPCs with their own personalities, behaviors, and reactions to your actions. You will also explore diverse locations such as Chicago, South Dakota, Chinatown, or an orphanage. The game features a dynamic AI system that adapts to your choices and makes each playthrough different.


As Agent 47, you can take advantage of your surroundings and blend in with the crowd by using disguises. You can immobilize your prey, steal their outfit, and use your instinct to deceive your enemies. You can also find different costumes throughout the game that give you access to restricted areas or special abilities. For example, you can dress up as a chef, a cop, a priest, or even a chipmunk mascot.

Instinct Mode

and use high powered weaponry with deadly accuracy.

DLCs included in the update

The latest update for Hitman: Absolution also includes all the DLCs that were released for the game since its launch. These DLCs add more content and variety to the game by introducing new weapons, disguises, and missions. Here are some of them:

Agency Jagd P22G

This DLC adds a new pistol to Agent 47's arsenal. The Agency Jagd P22G is a modern top-tier pistol with excellent accuracy and stability.

Agency SPS 12

This DLC adds a new shotgun to Agent 47's arsenal. The Agency SPS 12 is a semi-automatic shotgun with high damage and rate of fire.

Agency HX UMP

This DLC adds a new submachine gun to Agent 47's arsenal. The Agency HX UMP is a powerful and versatile SMG with a large magazine capacity.

Bartoli Custom Gun

This DLC adds a new handgun to Agent 47's arsenal. The Bartoli Custom Gun is a sleek Italian pistol with an integrated silencer.

Krugermeier 2-2 Gun

This DLC adds a new handgun to Agent 47's arsenal. The Krugermeier 2-2 Gun is a compact and silent pistol that can fire multiple shots without attracting attention.

Bronson M1928 Gun

This DLC adds a new submachine gun to Agent 47's arsenal. The Bronson M1928 Gun is a classic tommy gun with a high rate of fire and a distinctive drum magazine.

High Tech Disguise

This DLC adds a new disguise to Agent 47's wardrobe. The High Tech Disguise is a futuristic suit that grants access to high security areas and enhances Agent 47's vision.

High Roller Disguise

This DLC adds a new disguise to Agent 47's wardrobe. The High Roller Disguise is a stylish tuxedo that allows Agent 47 to blend in with the elite and gamble at casinos.

Public Enemy Disguise

This DLC adds a new disguise to Agent 47's wardrobe. The Public Enemy Disguise is a gangster outfit that gives Agent 47 a menacing look and access to criminal hideouts.

Deus Ex (Adam Jensen) Disguise

This DLC adds a new disguise to Agent 47's wardrobe. The Deus Ex (Adam Jensen) Disguise is a homage to the protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, featuring his iconic coat, shades, and augmentations.

Deus Ex (Adam Jensen) Handgun

This DLC adds a new handgun to Agent 47's arsenal. The Deus Ex (Adam Jensen) Handgun is a replica of Adam Jensen's weapon of choice, featuring a laser sight and an explosive bullet mode.


Hitman: Absolution is a game that offers you the opportunity to become the ultimate assassin in a dark and twisted world. With the latest update 1.0.447.12, you can enjoy the game even more with improved graphics, gameplay, and content. You can also experience new challenges and possibilities with the included DLCs that add more weapons, disguises, and missions to the game.

If you are looking for a stealth action game that gives you freedom of choice, realism, and immersion, you should definitely check out Hitman: Absolution and its latest update. You will not regret it.


  • Q: How can I get the latest update for Hitman: Absolution?

  • A: If you have the game on Steam, you can download the update automatically by launching the game or checking for updates in your library. If you have the game on another platform, you can check for updates manually or visit the official website for more information.

  • Q: How can I access the DLCs included in the update?

  • A: You can access the DLCs by selecting them from the main menu or by finding them in-game. For example, you can find the new weapons in your safehouse or in certain locations during missions. You can also find the new disguises in your wardrobe or by stealing them from NPCs.

  • Q: How can I switch between different difficulty levels and play styles?

  • A: You can switch between different difficulty levels and play styles by going to the options menu or by selecting them before starting a mission. You can choose between Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, or Purist difficulty levels, and between Silent Assassin, Professional, or Purist play styles.

  • Q: How can I use Instinct Mode and Point Shooting mode?

  • A: You can use Instinct Mode by pressing Q on your keyboard or RB on your controller. This will activate your enhanced vision and allow you to see enemies, items, and opportunities. You can also use Instinct Mode to blend in with NPCs while wearing disguises or to activate Point Shooting mode. Point Shooting mode allows you to mark multiple targets and eliminate them in one swift move by pressing E on your keyboard or RT on your controller.

  • Q: How can I get different ratings and challenges?

  • A: You can get different ratings and challenges by completing missions in different ways and using different methods of killing your targets. For example, you can get Silent Assassin rating by completing a mission without being detected or killing anyone except your targets. You can also get challenges by performing specific actions or finding hidden items during missions.


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