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Places To Buy Sake Near Me

One of the most dynamic western markets for sake is the UK and there are some great places to get it if you know where to look. With that said, here are six of the best places to get your sake fix in the UK!

places to buy sake near me


Oliver is committed to never running out of stock and goes the extra mile to meet customer demand. Plus, Tengu Sake also stocks shochu and awamori, making it one of the most comprehensive sake shops in Europe.

London Sake offers a wide range of nihonshu and company founder, Andy Travers, is passionate about sharing his love of sake with a wider audience. This can be seen from the amount of detail that goes into every product page, with food pairing suggestions, serving temperature recommendations and easy-to-digest information.

(My guess is if you are friends of a local business owner who has wholesale accounts with the sake distribution companies that can buy for you, then you have best access, assuming there is no minimum order.)

If you decide to try out Hi Time, I would recommend checking out their online store. They have most of their sake in the front part of the store in a fridge and then higher end ones in the back section. However, I ended up seeing a Hiyaoroshi sake on their site that was not in their front fridge. I ended up asking the staff and they were happy to help out and bring what turned out to be the last bottle they had in stock from who knows where lol.

Sake is made of polished rice, pure water, starch-converting enzymes called koji and yeast. Sake (or seishu) is the American term for "nihonshu," or Japanese rice wine, and it is an essential part of Japanese lifestyle and culture. Today, with its versatile taste profile, sake is recognized worldwide, and it can be paired with many different types of cuisines as a unique alcoholic beverage.

Wondering what the best way is to drink sake and what you should serve it with? The answer depends on the type of sake you buy. The full-bodied traditional Junmai type sake can be served at room temperature or warmed, while newer types of sake made with highly polished rice, such as Junmai Ginjo and Junmai Daiginjo, are the types of sake served cold. The traditional Junmai type sake pairs well with meats as well as rich and full-flavored dishes. Junmai Ginjo and Junmai Daiginjo are best alone or paired with delicately seasoned dishes.

When you're wondering where to buy sake, Takara Sake USA offers you the finest options in America. Made with pure snowmelt from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the highest quality of rice from the Sacramento Valley, our varieties of sake blend Japanese tradition with modern technology. Taste tradition with a trend-setting twist. Browse our products and purchase online today, or visit our sake shop, tasting room and sake museum in California.

There are more great places to buy Sake online than ever before. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Sales of sake have been on the rise for a long time. Sake export values from Japan rose an impressive 166% in 2021. Clearly there is growing demand.

The reasons for the increase lie in the growing number of sake connoisseurs. As more premium brands enter the market, people are becoming more educated about this Japanese spirit and start to treat it like fine wine.

Zachys is the place to visit for some of the best sake online. It carries an assortment of 25 different labels from Japanese and New York breweries. In addition, the website features a user-friendly sidebar for you to search by region, price, producer, etc.

The shop features Tyku and Hiro sake from renowned Japanese breweries. Both brands stick to old and new recipes by Japanese master brewers. If you are up for something unusual, check out the Tyku cucumber or coconut-infused sake.

Momokawa Diamond is an American-made Junmai Ginjo with a smooth texture and long aftertaste. For a great Japanese sake, Murai Daiginjo is handmade at Yoshio Koizumi and features a creamy texture with complex fruity flavors.

The necessary information is available online and the above online stores provide a lot of details about the sake in stock. However, the true joy comes from sipping your favorite label, which you may discover after trying enough of them.

We will keep this list updated by adding new options for buying Sake online and removing sites that no longer carry it. If you have a favorite site that you consider one of the best places to buy sake online, please email us and let us know about it.

Tokyo has a vibrant drinking culture that offers everything from gin and whisky to cocktails and craft beer. However, no visit to Tokyo, or Japan for that matter, is complete without a little bit of nihonshu (Japanese sake).

The national drink of Japan made from rice, sake can be enjoyed hot, cold or a range of different temperatures in between. Better yet, it also pairs beautifully with food. Whether you're a sake novice or an expert drinker, you'll find a comprehensive range of sake from all over the country at these top bars.

An excellent place to start any expedition into the world of Japanese sake, Yoyogi-Uehara's Sasagin more than merits a special trip. Overseen by an Anglophone sommelier with an immaculately trimmed 'tache, this long-running izakaya comes armed with a well-chosen selection of nihonshu, housed in glass refrigerators just behind the counter. English-language drink menus make life easier for newcomers, and the staff are eager to provide recommendations (which on Time Out's most recent visit included a memorable unpasteurised namazake from Aichi).

Inside Hasegawa Saketen, copper vintage lamp shades decorate the room, and the all-glass exterior makes it feel like an Edo-era liquor store-bar with a Fifth Avenue makeover. The bar serves around 17 varieties of sake by the glass, including traditional as well as many modern and innovative brews, starting at 400 per glass. If you're hungry, the snacks on offer range from dishes like deep-fried broad beans, oden, grilled chicken skewers and udon with chilled tomato.

If you want to sample a bunch of different sake in one sitting, this is the place to be. Brightly lit and filled on weeknights with a largely salaryman crowd, Meishu Centre is dotted with freestanding tables all set with three small glasses ready for the tasting flight: you browse the walls of sake, then flag down one of the staff to fill your glasses with your selection. The prices start from 200 for a glass of sake, and if you get three at a time, you get a 100 discount.

The entrance may not be that obvious if you're coming from Shibuya Station, but Sakestand is all the better for it. This narrow, standing-only bar hidden away on the second floor on a side street off Dogenzaka is a little gem for those looking to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of sake. They serve a changing lineup of sake from across the country, presented in wine glasses with a small tag attached that states all the info (including the name in English) you need to find it again.

Asano Nihonshuten Kyoto is located in the Aeon Kyoto Mall, and they sell sake from all around Japan, but the most special thing here is that you get to taste the sake before you buy it. They also have a bar counter, so you can order some sake and snacks, and enjoy them in the shop!

Kizakura is a famous sake maker in Japan, and here you can buy the sake they make. You can also buy the craft beer they brew. But the most special thing here has to be their cosmetics made from sake; they make your hands so soft. Sake is so interesting!

Ginjo-shubo Aburacho is a famous sake shop in the sake district of Fushimi, and they have a nice selection of sake, all of which looks delicious. The good thing here is that you can get to taste the sake before you buy it for a little extra fee, and you even get some snacks to go with the sake.

Kitagawahonke Okinaya is especially famous for their sake called Tomio, and at the shop, you can taste the sake before you buy it, so you can be sure of the taste. They also have umeshu, the plum liquor always popular with the ladies.

We here at SAKETIMES recommend the following six shops, not only because they have expert guidance available but also an excellent range of sake on hand. All but one provide customers with tasting experiences to try before you buy and each store also has its own distinct charm in addition to a convenient location.

The StoreAs the name implies, Tokyo Shoten focuses on Tokyo-area sake breweries only. Customers can easily find their favorite from among the 30 brands offered by nine local breweries, such as Kinkon Junmai Muroka Genshu, Junmai Ginjo Genshu Edo Kaijo, or Sawanoi Daiginjo for 200, 300, and 400 yen (US$1.80, $2.70, $3.60) a cup.

The ShopImadeya Ginza houses a vast selection of about 400 brands of sake, including many high-end names like Komyo, Niizawa, and Dassai Migaki Sonosakie. Such an assortment of sake can be overwhelming for new drinkers, but luckily the staff at Imadeya are renowned for their expertise and will help you find your perfect match with the help of a tasting counter offering up to 10 samples at a time.

Even for those well-versed in sake, the concepts surrounding aged sake can be hard to understand. Inishie Sake Store cuts through the confusing terminology and even lets you sample some finely-aged brands.

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Brooklyn Peltz Beckham proudly introduces WESAKE. We believe that sake is too good not to be enjoyed more often, so we craft a premium-grade sake that is easy and approachable so it can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. Sake is best enjoyed with company - our name, WESAKE, is an invitation to discover sake together. 041b061a72


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