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ICollections 8.0.1

Replication: MySQL 8.0.1 adds the original commit timestamp related statements, but mysqlbinlog was wrongly reporting that these statements have been present since MySQL 8.0.0 because they were written to the log with the incorrect version number 80000. The fix changes the version to 80001 in mysqlbinlog dumps. (Bug #25710507)

iCollections 8.0.1

RPMs of PHP version 8.0.1 are available in remi-php80 repository for Fedora 31-33 and Enterprise Linux (RHEL, CentOS).

i have a vRops 8.0.1 with License VMware vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus for vRealize Operations. but i have an error while Monitoring NSX-T. and my NSX-T license is Enterprise Plus. i set the Credential for NSX and test was passed. but i have a error in collection status and >>>

Shortly after the GA release, a patch release, Gradle 8.0.1, provides fixes for these issues: document the integration of the Scala plugin with toolchains and problems with the target flag; removal of the --no-rebuild command-line option without prior warning and deprecation notice; and a Scala build failure that reports the value, isBlank, as not a member of the String class.

A job adapter has been written that supports Sun Grid Engine derivatives. The adapter is known to be compatible with SGE 6.2u5 and Univa GE 8.0.1. Thanks to UCLA for donating access to Hoffman2 to aid in development of the adapter. 041b061a72


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