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Abbreviations are another area which over the years has been a rich source of new lexical items. Often abbreviations enter the dictionary as new 'words' in their own right, words which we understand and associate with particular concepts without necessarily knowing what the initial letters represent. For instance, we all now know what a DVD is, but would the average man on the street definitely be able to tell you that this stands for digital videodisc? Gadget lovers may be interested in mobile phones which are equipped with WAP, but would they necessarily know that this is short for wireless application protocol? The point is that they don't need to know, because such abbreviations function perfectly well on their own as representations of particular concepts. New abbreviations are often associated with new technology and devices, as illustrated by recent examples such as IM (instant messaging) and PSP (playstation portable). This is not their only domain however. For instance, WMD has frequently occurred over the last couple of years in place of the full term Weapons of Mass Destruction, and DWY, standing for driving while yakking, refers to the now illegal practice of driving while talking on a mobile phone.

Table No. 21 dubbed hindi full movie


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